Two ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Found A Loaded Gun While Hunting For Pocket Monsters

07.13.16 3 years ago

You may have heard about a little game called Pokemon Go that came out this weekend. The game, for all twelve of you that are hearing about it for the first time here, is a phone app that simulates the experience of being a Pokemon trainer through geo-tracking. It’s already insanely popular and in less than a week has more downloads than Tinder and is creeping up on Twitter’s user count, meaning people are officially more into catching fake Pokemon than dating and keeping up with what Anna Kendrick had for lunch.

It’s already become something of a wonderful (or wonderfully bizarre) social experiment, with lots of good coming from it, including a cheating boyfriend getting busted and a murder suspect getting caught. It’s also doing wonders for restaurants. That said, the game requires users to be able to pay attention to the game while wandering around in public, so it’s also resulting in injuries, stabbings, and the discovery of dead bodies. Recently, two brothers in Oregon went out looking for a rare Pokemon and found, well, something else.

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