Simone Giertz’s Newest Terrible Robot Will Blow Your Nose. We Said Nose

(Video contains NSFW language.)

Simone Giertz — self-proclaimed “queen of sh*tty robots” — is back with another questionable creation. When we last checked in with her, she had built a butt-wiping robot which was juuuuuust a bit dangerous. We also marveled at the robot that slaps you awake, the one that feeds you cereal or sandwiches or popcorn, and a robot that tells your haters to deal with it.

Her newest sh*tty robot is a built to blow. No, not that kind of blowing, although that robot already exists in a Chinese hospital. This particular blowing robot attends to Giertz’s runny nose. Sort of. Mostly it just attempts to strangle her, which is how it starts. Oh God. It’s starting. The uprising. Save yourselves.

Anyway, I am also sick this week, so the nose-blowing robot is relevant to my interests (which include sleeping through the alarm and wondering if alcohol will fix this). But according to Giertz, what you really need when you’re sick is “my eternal friend, technology.” If that technology looks like an erector set and tries to strangle you, oh well. That’s the price of progress.

We look forward to the even sh*ttier robot she’ll think of next and we offer our most sincere condolences for her recent illness…

(Via Simone Giertz)