Finally, A Robot Exists To Tell Your Haters To ‘Deal With It’

(Robot demonstration starts at 1:04. Video contains NSFW language.)

“I have a lot of people who are like really upset with me because I only build sh*tty robots and don’t spend my time building useful things. And I just wanted to address their concerns,” says Simone Giertz before donning the “Deal With It” robot, which exists only to let people know it’s time to deal with it.

We’ve featured Giertz’s work here before, like a helmet she made with Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage that feeds its wearer popcorn, her alarm clock which slaps people awake, and a robot that sort of feeds you cereal but mostly just hates its job. Now Giertz is officially a member of Adam Savage’s Tested and she’s released a video addressing her “sh*tty robot nation” about a new sh*tty robot.

So what does this piece of sh*t robot do? (Please do not tell the robots I called them that. They will straight up stab a human just to practice their stabbin’. No, really. There are a bunch of stabbing robots. Too, too many. Why you always stabbing us, robots? Is it because of Kevin? It’s because of Kevin, isn’t it? I knew it. I hope a robot doesn’t burn his house down.)

Anyway, the new robot helps the wearer put on sunglasses in a close approximation of the “Deal With It” meme. Giertz attached a robot arm made by Stuart McConnel to a another headgear of her own design. This time, instead of jamming buttery popcorn into one’s yob, the helmet will succinctly alert those in your vicinity that they are welcome to DEAL WITH IT.

“If I ever win a Darwin Award, I want this to be the photo they use.”

(Via Nerdcore)