Spotify Wrapped Is Back To Make You Nostalgic For 2018

Spotify / UPROXX

It’s that time of year again: best of lists, looks back, and general misty-eyed remembrances of a year that was. This time of year also means the return of Spotify Wrapped, the streaming platform’s end-of-year data analytics site that tells users their top songs, artists, and genres.

Find out how much time you spent listening to music, what the first song of your year was, even which zodiac sign you listened to the most. (For example, some extremely cool people rang in the year with Toto’s “Africa” and listened to Libras, such as Childish Gambino and Cardi B — more than any other sign in the zodiac.)


And, of course, you can listen to your Top 100 songs playlist or, if you feel like you’re so over “Thank U, Next” and “Good As Hell” (as if), you can listen to Tastebreakers, a playlist of all new songs and artists based on your tastes.

You can also listen to playlists of the entire platform’s most popular artists and songs, but let’s be real, your musical taste is where it’s at, so don’t feel bad if you stick to your own Top 100.


What makes Wrapped fun is that it’s personal. You can look back on your year and remember that month where you were listening to Banks a lot because you thought you and your girlfriend were about to break up, but really, she was just worried about something at work. Ah, memories.

To 2019 and 30,000 more minutes of Lizzo on repeat!