Adam Carolla Tells Tucker Carlson That He’s Leaving California To Move To Where The ‘Smartest Man On The Planet’ (Elon Musk) Lives

Like Joe Rogan before him, Elon Musk has moved to Texas.

The Tesla CEO (and Rick and Morty quote made flesh) made the announcement on Tuesday, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that “relocating made sense with Tesla’s new factory being built in Texas. He lamented that California, in his view, had become complacent with its innovators.” It also helps that there’s no state income tax in Texas, I’m sure. Musk inspires a level of bro-fandom teetering on cult-like, and his fleeing California for the Lone Star State has inspired podcast host Adam Carolla to consider doing the same.

The former-The Man Show star appeared on Tuesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight from a remote van, “and as soon as I’m done with this hit, I’m going to commandeer this van and drive it to Houston,” Carolla said. “Let’s do this simple thought experiment. I just heard Elon Musk was moving to Texas. So, the smartest man on the planet is deciding to move away from the dumbest governor in the United States… What’s that say to the rest of us?” He compared Los Angeles, where he lived (lived?) to a “house that’s riddled with termites” after George Gascón was sworn in as the city’s new progressive-minded district attorney. “Did you know the movie Escape from Los Angeles with Kurt Russell? That has now become a reality show,” Carolla told Carlson, sounding proud of himself.

How long before Rogan, Musk, and Carolla are spotted eating tacos together? Maybe with Alex Jones too? Maybe at one of Dave Chappelle’s pandemic residency shows?