Joe Rogan’s New Texas Studio Looks Like He Might Be Blasting Off To Mars Soon

Moving halfway across the U.S. (during a pandemic, no less) isn’t an easy task, especially if one also considers that Joe Rogan needed to prepare a new studio for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in Texas. He officially also moved over to Spotify this week with some pre-filmed episodes, including one in which Miley Cyrus flamed him, and one in which he wore a NASA suit while guest Duncan Trussell wore a shiny space suit. And now, it looks like there’s a space theme going on with Rogan’s new studio.

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The Texas studio is complete and ready to roll.

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According to commenters on Rogan’s Instagram post, it’s going over well. Bob Saget wrote, “Holy sh*te!!!!” Chris Stapleton remarked, “It looks like Darth Vader’s bedroom.” And MMA commentator Robin Black added, “Dude it’s a f*cking spaceship of truth.”

It’s certainly snazzed up more than his California background, but a $100 million Spotify deal must have led to a few upgrades. Notably, he’s replaced Buddha with a statute of Lord Ganesha, known for removing obstacles in anyone’s way.

His next obstacle (the Friday podcast episode) will be Mike Tyson, although that installment was filmed in California. It should produce some interesting moments, although Tyson would have been a fantastic first guest in Texas, right? Meanwhile, Rogan’s fans are still holding out hope that he’ll bring Alex Jones back, despite Spotify leaving out some controversial episodes (including Jones entries) from his archive. Yet Jones has claimed that he has spoken to Rogan, and there’s no reason to worry because “Joe Rogan’s favorite 100 episodes of the last 10 years or so will be left on YouTube starting December 31 when he goes exclusively to Spotify. For this couple months no man’s land the content will be on both platforms and will be migrating over.”