Alex Jones, Who Has Learned Nothing From That $50+ Million Verdict, To Take Aim At… Obama?

If you thought Alex Jones getting hit with over $50 million in damages would stop him from spreading wild conspiracy theories, think again. The InfoWars host stopped by Steve Bannon‘s podcast on Monday morning, mere days after being humiliated in court, and proceeded to gin up a wild new conspiracy theory about… Barack Obama?

When asked by Bannon if he’s “concerned” about the midterm elections, Jones opined that Obama could unleash a terrorist attack to tilt the results in the Democrat’s favor.

Via Raw Story:

Jones replied: “I’m worried that the Biden controllers, the third administration of Obama — I’m worried that Obama and his people may provocateur some type of big terror attack. They might launch a cyber attack and blame it on the Russians. They might start a major war.”

“I mean, they’re going to have an October surprise or a group of October surprises,” he added. “You can bet your bottom dollar on it.”

According to Jones, all of the polls are showing America is heading for a “realignment” because people are tired of “leftism” and “Hollywood,” so the Democrats are going to have to pull some sort of “shenanigans” to not lose in the midterms. Of course, this is a particularly interesting theory coming from Jones (and promoted by Bannon) considering both of them were heavily involved in the January 6 attack, which one might describe as some sort of “shenanigans” to change the results of an election.

It’s almost like the two of them have experience with trying to overturn democracy, but eh, it’s probably just a coincidence.

(Via Raw Story)