Alex Jones Is Predictably Losing His Mind About His Own ‘Damn Lawyers’ Handing Over His Incriminating Text Messages

Alex Jones historically does not fare well in court. Yes, imagine that! A conspiracy theorist simply cannot hold up his end of the lies when the evidence rolls out, and five years ago, he botched his custody trial while claiming that a “big bowl of chili” prevented him from remembering basic facts about his own children. His current trial — revolving around his defamation of Sandy Hook parents — has unsurprisingly shown him to be a theatrical nuisance, and all of that’s happening after his lawyer was found to have handed over years of Jones’ incriminating text messages over to the other side.

Jones’ lawyers (who have been deemed to be too dumb for Law & Order shows) moved for a mistrial and were denied, and Trevor Noah was so happy to see the moment that Jones realized that he perjured himself, so let’s just say that Jones is not at all happy with the situation. Now, the Jan. 6 committee is preparing to subpoena those texts, too, and Jones went off on a wild rant on InfoWars on Thursday. Via The Daily Beast:

“And it’s just so incredibly sick that I sit there and give the damn lawyers all the text messages and then they send it over to Connecticut,” Jones added, referring to the plaintiff’s attorneys. “The Texas lawyers, before the new one I have never even gave them the stuff I gave them! Or that’s what they claim.”

Jones continued to express dismay that his own lawyers handed over “raw text messages” from 2019 into 2020 that did, in fact, contain discussion of the shooting. He cited one that compared COVID to “Sandy Hook bull,” asking, “How is that even pertinent? How is that lying about something?”

Jones had better get ready to sell more male virility supplements to pay all the damages that he might soon be facing. And whaddya know, he’s already on it.

(Via The Daily Beast)