Alex Jones Is Begging InfoWars Viewers To Buy His Snake Oil After Being Ordered To Pay Millions To Sandy Hook Parents

Alex Jones ain’t too proud to beg. After getting hit with just the first round of compensatory damages that requires him to pay $4 million to one of the Sandy Hook families suing him for defamation, Jones took to his InfoWars show on Thursday and pleaded with viewers to buy as many products as possible to keep the lights on.

After blasting the judge in the case, which is never a smart idea, Jones said that he’s about to be hit with damages that are “more money than my company and I personally have.” Of course, that’s up for debate considering the lawyers for the Sandy Hook families have been flagging Jones for making highly suspect financial moves to conceal his true worth. Via Mediaite:

Jones said Infowars is “in bankruptcy right now. We’re maxed out. We can barely keep the crew employed. We are fighting hard for your First Amendment, your Second Amendment, your 10th Amendment, your sovereignty.”

Then, Jones made an appeal to his followers for cash.

InfoWars has “a plan to stay on air through this bankruptcy. We have a reorganization plan,” Jones said, before warning “if you don’t fund us, if you don’t buy products at, we will shut down.”

Jones is probably going to need to sell a whole lot of boner supplements. The trial has gone embarrassingly bad for him as evidenced by the now-viral moment where the opposing counsel revealed that Jones’ legal team accidentally sent them the entire contents of his phone. It’s the type of legal blunder that’s so dumb, writers for Law & Order were dunking on it. More crucially, it puts Jones in danger of facing the full brunt of the Sandy Hook families’ request for over $150 million in damages.

If Jones is already freaking out over a $4 million ruling, just imagine how he’ll react when that verdict comes down.

(Via Mediaite)