Alex Jones’ Latest Bonkers Claim: Democrats Are Going To Stage Mass Shootings, Bombings, And Poisonings To Establish A Dictatorship Before November

Alex Jones has either legitimately lost his mind (beyond his work as a “performance artist”) or truly has no f**ks left to give. Despite being ordered to pay nearly $50 million (that he maybe doesn’t have) for spreading vicious lies and conspiracy theories about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the InfoWars host is at it again — and not for the first time since the verdict was read.

As Mediaite reports, on Monday, Jones warned InfoWars viewers to prepare for an all-out civil war as we close in on the midterm elections, as he believes Democrats plan to raise all sorts of hell over the next several weeks:

In the next 71 days, we’re going to see some very violent fireworks. I would predict racially-motivated mass shootings, bombings, poisonings — attacks on power supplies being blamed on the right wing. [Democrats] intend to bring in a full dictatorship in the next 71 days, and we are all strapped to this thing.

Jones went on to note that “This is such a dangerous time,” which might be the only sensible thing he’s ever said — though for all the wrong reasons. He further warned that for anyone thinking we’re “about to have a leftist revolution,” the truth is much worse: we’re about to experience “a civil war that brings down America, and you’ll be the fall guy.”

Consider yourselves warned.

(Via Mediaite)