Trevor Noah Couldn’t Contain His Joy Witnessing The Moment Alex Jones Realized He’d Been Caught Perjuring Himself

While there’s nothing actually ha-ha funny about Alex Jones, the mere fact that his life is like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon can make stories about the performance artist conspiracy theorist kind of chuckle-worthy. Mostly because of the ineptitude that constantly surrounds and befalls him. Like the lawyer who is currently attempting to defend the InfoWars host as a jury decides exactly what Jones owes the parents of the children who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut nearly a decade ago by a 20-year-old gunman, which Jones repeatedly claimed was a hoax.

Unbeknownst to Jones, his lawyer accidentally sent the contents of the InfoWars host’s phone—including two years’ worth of texts—to a lawyer representing the Sandy Hook parents, and did nothing to protect the information. Jones was only made aware of this when the lawyer who received this information told Jones about it… while he was on the stand. And Trevor Noah could barely get through telling the story on Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show.

Noah, describing Jones as a “man who makes Donald Trump look like a reasonable human being,” kept bursting into laughter while explaining that “one of the funniest moments came when [Jones] found out that his inept lawyer had screwed up and sent the prosecution evidence that proved Alex Jones had committed perjury.”

Jones attempted to come up with some sort of response, which included seemingly acknowledging that whatever they were reading was real, claiming not to be “a tech guy,” then randomly breaking out into a cough, presumably in an attempt to cough himself to death.

“I like how he was so shocked he started turning into every emoji,” Noah said. “At one point, he even tried to give himself COVID. Did you see that? ‘I can’t speak. You know the disease I said is fake? I’ve got it. I’ve got it now.’”

“You know you’re in trouble when the truth chokes you up like you’re on an episode of Hot Ones,” Noah continued. “But you realize this moment is huge. Because it shows that Alex Jones probably committed perjury. Which means Alex Jones lies about stuff. Yeah, I know—that’s shocking. Because now I’m starting to wonder: does that mean entrails from planes aren’t turning the frogs gay?”

You can watch the full segment above, beginning around the 9:20 mark.