Lauren Boebert Tried To Give A Speech Instead Of Voting For House Speaker, And It Did Not Go Over Well With Anybody

Lauren Boebert continued to join the small band of Republicans who are derailing the Speaker of the House process and have essentially held Congress hostage for almost the entire week. During the seventh (or eighth?) vote, Boebert once again refused to vote for Kevin McCarthy. Only this time around, Boebert decided to add some grandstanding to the mix by delivering a speech instead of following procedure and saying her vote. Her colleagues were not here for it.

In a new video shared by Ron Filipkowski, Boebert can be heard rambling in the background before the entire room erupts in jeers and heckles for her to stop talking and vote already.

At this point, nerves are understandably frayed and nobody’s in the mood for rootin’ tootin’ Boebert’s theatrics. She’s somehow making Marjorie Taylor Greene look like the calm one in the room, and that’s no easy task. Boebert getting shouted down by her colleagues also arrives after she was grilled by Sean Hannity the night before. The Fox News host repeatedly asked Boebert why her side doesn’t just “pack it in” seeing how McCarthy has 203 votes and her side only has 20.

“I asked you a simple question, congresswoman,” Hannity finally said after growing frustrated with Boebert. “I feel I’m getting an answer from a liberal.”

“I’m not going to support Kevin McCarthy, Sean,” she defiantly answered, ending the segment.

(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)