A Stop The Steal Organizer Is NOT Happy That ‘Trailer Park Hood Rat’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Attacking Delicate Flower Lauren Boebert

If you need a surprise guest to show up at your white nationalist gathering, Marjorie Taylor Greene is your gal. And if you need help planning an insurrection at the Capitol, she might be down to sit in on a brainstorming session or two. But it turns out that when it comes to conspiracy theory-loving congresswomen, unhinged MAGAs might have taken more of a shine to Colorado’s favorite “Karen,” Lauren Boebert.

Politically-speaking, Greene and Boebert are typically pretty closely aligned on most issues. One thing they definitely do NOT agree on is whether Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House when the GOP regains control next year. Boebert says no; Greene says yes. Greene also says that any talk of another viable candidate, etc. coming from Boebert — or Matt Gaetz — is BS.

Their disagreement on this point has spilled over into the public, with the two of them spending much of the past week taking pathetic little potshots at the other. While it’s an entertaining enough diversion (for a time) for non-Republicans, Ali Alexander — a prominent far-right activist and key organizer of the Stop the Steal rally — is not OK with the snitty little stink bombs MTG has been throwing in Boebert’s direction. And he let her know it!

As Raw Story reports, Alexander called out Greene on his Telegram page for the regular attacks she’s been launching against Boebert when he posted: “MTG is now attacking Rep. Lauren Boebert like a trailer park hoodrat.”

Sadly, that could be the full extent of Alexander’s MTG takedown. Earlier this month, Alexander agreed to head up Kanye West’s presidential campaign, so… we’re pretty sure he’ll be real busy with that.

(Via Raw Story)