AOC Speaks For All Of The People In Her Disgust For Twitter’s New ‘Fleets’ Feature

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez often talks about the value of keeping a social media presence, and she lives by the practice by connecting with people on a daily basis. Not only can you find her pushing back at sexist barbs about her “controversial” Vanity Fair shoot, but she addresses important policy matters on the platform as well. So yes, she’s very present and caught wind of today’s newly announced Twitter feature: Fleets.

Essentially, this is a feature where tweets, videos, photos filed as a Fleet disappear after 24 hours. It’s much like the “stories” feature that one can witness on Instagram or Facebook, so it’s not as though there’s an unsatisfied market for posts that act like disappearing ink. And there’s the matter of “Fleet” being an enema brand, so… it’s like cleaning house in the grossest way. Whatever vibe Twitter meant to exude, it seems to elicit a “why?” AOC is also here to voice the people’s thoughts on the subject.

“Does the fleets thing stress anyone else out?” AOC tweeted. “Like I use Twitter to get away from IG stories, not have it follow me around on every platform reminding me that I don’t have makeup on.” She added a “bargaining” request about the feature’s design.

Mainly, people are confused about why this feature is rolling out with a big announcement when disappearing stories are so readily prevalent elsewhere.

And yes, there’s the enema comparison to consider.

Naturally, people would also like a “edit” button. That probably won’t happen, so people can’t edit things that people have retweeted (that would present its own issues), but users can dream (and then tweet about it forever).