‘GMA’ Anchors Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Are Reportedly Still ‘Very Much Together’ As ABC Continues Their Investigation

Despite being pulled off the air while ABC investigates their alleged affair, Good Morning America anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are reportedly still dating. For obvious reasons, the alleged couple is keeping a very low profile, but according to sources, they have not ended their romance that kicked up a whirlwind of controversy at the network.

“They are still very much together,” a source told E! News shortly after ABC News president Kim Godwin issued a memo about the ongoing investigation into Robach and Holmes alleged affair. (The two were both married to other people. However, the status of those marriages have been in dispute.) That memo arrived amidst reports that Robach and Holmes created a ton of behind-the-scenes drama as their co-workers and co-anchors want nothing to do with the situation.

While ABC continues to examine their expense reports and allegations that Holmes had an affair with a producer prior to his latest fling with Robach, the Daily Mail reports that the two have been very conscious about being photographed in public, which started this whole mess.

“They wouldn’t dare be caught together now, not while ABC is making a decision,” a source said.

As for their future at Good Morning America, that remains to be seen. Having their expense reports examined is not a great sign, but that could also be an effort by ABC to show that while, morally dubious, Holmes and Robach’s affair was above board. But again, that’s speculation, and anything could happen before the end of the year.

(Via E! News, Daily Mail)