A Resurfaced Joke From ‘GMA’ Anchor T.J. Holmes Sure Hits Differently Amid Word That His Wife Was Blindsided By The Affair Story

As Good Morning America anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach navigate the public learning about their relationship after being photographed on a romantic getaway, it’s starting to become clear why the two deactivated their social media accounts. A lot of their posts hit differently now that it’s been confirmed that their respective marriages are over. However, the timeline of those dissolutions are in dispute as accusations of Holmes and Robach having an affair continue to swirl.

Holmes has already been flagged for a cryptic Instagram post about ending relationships, but an unearthed post from Facebook is even more cringe-worthy. In a gushing message for the 10th anniversary of his marriage to Marilee Fiebig, Holmes joked about Fiebig staying married to him despite his “best efforts.” Via Us Weekly:

“That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine ass out the doooooooor,” he wrote in the now-viral Facebook upload. “But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed a grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.”

The Arkansas native continued: “Asking her for another 10 years would be asking too much. Another 10 months? That may even be a stretch. If she gave me another 10 weeks, I should consider myself lucky. If she puts up with me another 10 days, I’d be grateful.”

With Holmes and Robach now together and reportedly the center of affair rumors over a year ago, the Facebook post already looks pretty bad. It looks even worse in light of a new report that Fiebig was “blindsided” by Holmes’ new relationship.

“She’s devastated. She had no idea,” a source told Page Six. “They haven’t been together in [a while], but they were trying to work it out.”

Page Six reports Holmes and Fiebig were “attempting to reconcile,” which contradicts the narrative that Holmes and Robach conveniently ended their respective marriages in August within weeks of each other.

(Via Us Weekly, Page Six)