Ben Affleck’s Grumpy Grammys Face Reportedly Had A Perfectly Sensible Explanation

Ben Affleck’s apparently terrible time at the Grammys was more than simply his usual, you know, face. That sounds awkward as heck for me to phrase it that way, but surely, you’ve seen all of the paparazzi photos of Sad Batman looking less than thrilled to be on camera when he isn’t acting. He also seems very “over it” in terms of attending glitzy parties, but that could also be due to his resting face as well. After all, he doesn’t even look happy when grabbing Dunkin,’ and everyone knows how much he adores Dunkin.’ His reported Super Bowl commercial for that Affleck paradise will be coming soon.

Ben also loves JLo, and they’re still technically newlyweds, but he still couldn’t muster up some grins (or any enthusiasm at all) while supporting her at the Grammys, where people noted that he looked “miserable.”

At one point during the evening, the cameras also caught an awkward, apparently conflict-filled moment between Ben and JLo. Reports have surfaced that indicate that she told him to “[l]ook more friendly. Look motivated.” To which he reportedly responded, “I might.” I suspected that Ben simply wanted to go home, and that’s what a source told Entertainment Tonight:

“Jen and Ben had a fun date night out at the Grammys, but they have both been very busy working on several projects, and Ben was feeling tired… He wanted to go and support Jen, but he wasn’t his usual self … Ben is more of a homebody, and it isn’t his thing to be out at events all the time.”

That’s still not fantastic, given that JLo appears to be about doing the most while attending events, including dancing while Ben looked like he was dreaming about his next Dunkin trip. Hopefully, they can work out some sort of compromise for future events because Ben’s lack of enthusiasm will be remembered the next time they walk the red carpet together (if they ever do again).

(Via Entertainment Tonight)