Here’s What Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Told Ben Affleck While He Looked ‘Miserable’ At The Grammys

The only person who had a worse time at the Grammys than Beyoncé was Ben Affleck. While Taylor Swift was white-wine dancing, the Air star and director looked miserable seated at the same table as his wife, Jennifer Lopez (who I just learned has the same number of Guinness World Records as Grammy nominations with two).

At one point during the ceremony, Lopez leaned over and said something to Affleck. Was she informing him that his favorite Dunkin was closing? That would explain a lot. But nope, according to a lipreader commissioned by the Daily Mail, Lopez was asking Affleck to — to quote a song that should have won a Grammy — put a smile on your face.

Lopez and Affleck, who frequently looks strained when in public, were seen exchanging tense words during the ceremony, right as host Trevor Noah sat down next to them. “Stop,” Lopez tells him. “Look more friendly. Look motivated.” Affleck replies: “I might.”

Affleck looked “more friendly” in a photo that Lopez shared on Instagram. “Always the best time with my love, my husband,” she wrote, while also tagging Harry Styles, Bad Bunny, and Mary J. Blige. She left off Beyoncé, probably because Affleck’s broken soul was enough for her.

(Via the Daily Mail)