Even Kids Know Ben Shapiro Is Full Of It In A Video Where He Tries To Brainwash Them With Conservative Talking Points

Far right commentator and professional troll Ben Shapiro is pushing 40 but he still looks like he had his head shoved down a toilet by some high school bully. So it was only fitting that he’d find himself talking to young school children, attempting to brainwash them with conservative talking points. Luckily, some of them seemed to see right through a guy who thinks obesity and not getting vaxxed are the same thing.

In a new video co-sponsored by something called “Conservakids,” the guy who once painfully read through “WAP” line by line descended upon a public library with a stack of index cards, each with a government term printed on them. His goal, he said, was to explain these ideas “to very, very small children in a fashion that kids can understand.” Alas, they seemed to understand the terms better than he does.

On the subject of taxes, for instance, Shaprio claimed, “The government takes all your money and gives you very little in return.”

“That’s not true,” one kid shot back.

He then backed off, saying, “I mean, it’s kind of true. It depends on the kind of government.” He soon doubled down, claiming, “Taxes are theft.” Taxes, Shapiro said, are supposed to be used on services like the police. “They’re not supposed to spend it on just random projects or silly things that they have in their head.”

They didn’t seem convinced, so Shapiro assured them, “As you get older, you’ll realize how little you like taxes.”

The video then cuts to another boy saying, “Yeah, he’s way off-base about that.”

He then based California, where he lives, describing it as a place “where monsters roam the streets and garbage is strewn everywhere. It’s, it’s a horror escape.”

Eventually, he informed the kids that they “just learned more than you will in all of college,” though they probably won’t agree if they later decide to go to college and realize on day one how little Shapiro knows. Some seemed to have figured that one out already.

At the end, one of the boys who spoke up was interviewed about what he thought about Shapiro’s presentation. “I’ve seen my mom look at him on Facebook. She said he was a very smart guy,” he said. When if he agreed with his mom, he replied, “Well, now that I’ve met him, maybe.”

The whole thing can be watched here, if you can stomach listening to Shapiro’s “MicroMachines Guy on amphetamines” vocal stylings.

(Via The Wrap)