Mark Hamill Ruthlessly Mocked Far-Right Commentator Ben Shapiro Over Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Just like his character Luke Skywalker in the classic Star Wars films, Mark Hamill is always ready to fight against an oppressive regime and do the right thing. In this case, and frankly, most cases, that involves pushing back against the far right, which is exactly what Hamill did this week when he used his sizable Twitter presence to mock Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill that’s expected to be passed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis.

In a tweet supporting students who are fighting against the controversial bill that will severely restrict teachers from mentioning homosexual or transgender issues in schools, Hamill wrote the word “gay” 69 times and added a rainbow emoji at the end for good measure.

Hamill’s tweet caught the attention of right wing “intellectual” Ben Shapiro, who’s been heavily involved in championing the “Don’t Say Gay” bill under the highly questionable auspice of “parental choice.” Not realizing the mistake he’s about to make, Shapiro decided to take a swing at Hamill for being a decent person who supports LGBTQ high school kids.

“So I take it you wish to indoctrinate small children into gender and sexual ideology,” Shapiro tweeted. “Because that’s the only reason you’re parroting idiotic propaganda.”

Naturally, Hamill shot back, and like a proton torpedo fired at the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port, he did not miss. “Hi Ben, I LOVE mind-reading acts!” Hamill replied. “Now guess which finger I’m holding up…”

Smoked him like a womp rat in Beggar’s Canyon.

(Via Mark Hamill on Twitter)