Movie Understander Ben Shapiro Was Dragged For Not Understanding How Mysteries Like ‘Glass Onion’ Work

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

While Avatar 2 dominated the multiplexes over the holiday weekend, streaming belonged to two titles: Top Gun 2, which just hit Paramount+, and Glass Onion. The latter recently bowed on the streamer that paid a fortune for it — and which kept it from a probably lucrative proper theatrical release — and it’s scored great reviews and great feedback. It had its critics, though. One of them was ageless far right pipsqueak Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire honcho is a frequent fixture of fun on Twitter for his political takes, but the dragging can get even more intense when he’s talking about another subject: the cinema.

On December 26, Shapiro decided to gift the world with his thoughts on the first Knives Out sequel. “I regret to inform you that ‘Glass Onion’ is actively bad,” Shapiro wrote. “I will discuss first the actual writing of the movie followed by the politics of it. Both suck.”

What was Shapiro’s main beef with Glass Onion? That it was a murder mystery that “deceived” the audience, which never happens with the genre. “The first half of the movie is a complete misdirect and a waste of time,” Shapiro wrote. He complained about how the two murders in the film either don’t happen or aren’t revealed until halfway through the movie, at which point the story flashes back to fill in lots of detail that had been kept under wraps. (He also railed against the identity of the killer, which we’ll refrain from mentioning.)

Shapiro also predictably disapproved of the movie’s furtively progressive politics, which features a character clearly modeled after Elon Musk (and which arrived just in time for him to potentially torch his businesses).

When the guy who was mocked three years ago over his critique of Parasite weighed in one of the holiday weekend’s biggest movies, a lot of people couldn’t believe even he didn’t understand how mysteries work.

Some wondered what other movies would confuse or infuriate Ben Shapiro.

At least, as one person noted, director Rian Johnson refrained from including his favorite song, “WAP.”

Some joked about Shapiro’s resemblance to the conservative Poindexter from Knives Out.

And some noted that Rian Johnson movies tend to make a certain type of person incredibly angry.

Glass Onion is now streaming on Netflix.