Sean Spicer’s Google History Has Been Laid Out By A Parody Account

Getty / Twitter

The Internet has been having fun with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who — for what it’s worth — seemed to take the impersonation of him by Melissa McCarthy in good stride even if Trump didn’t. And both Spicer and the Internet have kept themselves busy this past week, poking fun at Spicer’s interesting pronunciations, his giving out of his address and phone number to save eight bucks on his WHOIS registration, his leaving his Venmo account public, and his repeating of the lie that, if the other side has a bigger crowd for something, they must be paid to be there. A lie that’s usually followed by some dog whistle statement blaming Jews for it. But we’re not here to talk about Steve Bannon.

A new Twitter account, Sean Spicer Googling, has caught our attention and bills itself as “a Twitter feed synced up to Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Google history.” That’s as fertile of ground for jokes as you think it is.

The account assumes he still has a feud going with Dippin’ Dots, The Ice Cream Of The Future™.

But he’s trying to let it go:

And he may start taking cues from Melissa McCarthy and SNL on how to handle the press:

And the twitter parody ponders if he realized The Onion is parody (and was insulting him).

He’s just trying to learn, you guys.

Some make us think he’s spent too much time around Steve Bannon and Steven Mnuchin:

Some of the searches were purely for diplomatic and political purposes:

Some are just really bad questions:

And some are just really good questions:

(Via Sean Spicer Googling)