Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Should Replace Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump On ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin has a pretty sweet deal with SNL. He’ll play Donald Trump, usually in the cold open, but only when he’s not doing anything else (like voicing a baby who’s also — get this — a boss!). The 30 Rock star has appeared in nearly half the episodes so far this season, which is how often I hope we see Melissa McCarthy’s wonderful Sean Spicer impression.

The White House Press Secretary and Communications Director is an angry man. He’s picked fights with Dippin’ Dots (the “NOT the ice cream of the future”), the press, and, of course, SNL for being “mean” to his boss. I wonder how he’ll feel about McCarthy’s fantastically furious imitation, where he becomes a screaming mad man (OK, even more of a screaming mad man) who carries his podium around, locks a CNN reporter in a cage and makes him wear a diaper as punishment, follows news of a Finding Dory screening with the abolishment of the National Parks Service, and picks fights with everyone.

“Before we begin, I need you to know that myself and the press have gotten off to a rocky start,” McCarthy-as-Spicer said. “When I say ‘rocky start,’ I mean it in the sense of the movie Rocky because I came out here to punch you. Now I’d like to begin today by apologizing on behalf of you to me for how you have treated me these last two weeks, and that apology is not accepted. Because I’m not here to be your buddy. I’m here to swallow gum and I’m here to take names.” Just give Melissa McCarthy the Emmy (and the Baldwin deal) now.