Watch A Man Try To Fend Off The Latest Door-Opening Boston Dynamics Robot

A few years ago, it was fun and funny to make jokes about how the clunky, but still impressive, Boston Dynamics robots were going to eventually rise up from the ashes to become the new leaders of the human race. But now humanity is collectively putting a finger on their collar and wiping the sweat from their brow. In a new video, the latest Boston Dynamics robot is shown opening a door, and when pulled away by a dastardly and mortal bag of flesh, desperately works to get back to the door handle.

It’s evolving.

Of course, we don’t know if there’s some contingency OFF switch that can end this door-opening nightmare, but there has to be, right? Still, knowing a rapidly-improving robot force is coming to open all the doors eventually is something that’s hard to put out of your mind. This is not only what bad (or good) sci-fi dystopia is made of, but irony.

We’re watching and seeing these robots get more advanced every few months. We’ve seen the creators poke at them, hit them, and push them over, and now we’re witnessing them somewhat fighting back in a popular YouTube video. Will the robots eventually take jobs and open doors for people like the subjugates they are, or will they see an opportunity to open a door to freedom that no broom handle can ever stop?