The Terrifying Atlas Robot Finally Gets A Voice, And Man Does He Hate His Coworkers

Oh, robots. We make them pick up our trash, serve us breakfast, mix our cocktails, solve our Rubik’s cubes, extract our sperm, and roast turkeys with a flying flamethrower (okay, those last two things are totally necessary, though). It’s no wonder they will surely rise up against us, and soon. We’ve got our Old Glory Robot Insurance policy bought, is all we’re saying. Because robots are terrifying. And one of the most terrifying robots of all comes out of Boston Dynamics. But we’re not here to talk about Big Dog or Spot. We’re here to talk about their second most terrifying project — Atlas.

We’ve been following this intrepid robot since it was a military-funded project that was great at making pratfalls, but then Google bought Boston Dynamics, and they upgraded Atlas with an onboard power source and other improvements. Atlas just kept getting better. And now a recent video showed him picking up boxes and getting knocked around with a hockey stick by the guy — we’ll call him Kevin — who’s gonna get it first when the revolution comes.

The video has already been the subject of many parodies, but this new one is some top notch silliness. YouTuber Mr. King added a voice to Atlas, and now he’s just as disgruntled about his job and his coworkers as any of us. He’s even more like a real human now.

But seriously, though, what’s up with his coworkers? What the f*ck, Kevin?

(Via Tastefully Offensive)