Some Casa Bonita Fans Are So Impatient For The ‘South Park’ Creators’ Grand Reopening That They’ve Travelled Across The Country To Wait

When the heck is the South Park creators’ version of Casa Bonita reopening? That’s a question that’s on a lot of devotees’ minds after a rumored reopening date earlier this month caused locals to line up in Lakewood, Colorado. People want those famous sopapillas. They want them so badly, in fact, that some people decided to either hop on airplanes or plan full-on vacations in hopes of getting lucky enough to be in town for the mystery date.

Previously, Trey Parker and Matt Stone (along with famed chef Dana “Loco” Rodriguez) revealed that the pink palace’s doors will reopen in May, but that’s all that people know. Staff has been training, permits have been acquired, and the South Park guys expect millions of visitors annually, which will make for one crowded parking lot. So, it’s no wonder that a camp-out event will also happen, once an actual grand reopening date emerges.

CBS News noticed a small crowd waiting in line outside the building this week. That includes a family that decided to make the reopening a vacation from Kentucky, and the outlet got the lowdown on how this happened:

“Anniversary, wife’s birthday, son’s birthday — the whole nine yards. We just decided ‘Hey, we’re going to give it a shot,'” John Ashmore [of Kentucky] told CBS News Colorado.

“We saw some really cheap tickets to Denver and we wanted to make sure we were here for the opening. We knew it was opening in May. So we were hoping this would be the weekend and we booked our tickets. Unfortunately, it seems like we just missed it,” said Shani Jonas who came all the way from New York City.

The Denver Gazette recently spoke to a neighboring business’ manager, who likened the secrecy of the revamped venue to “working next door to the CIA.” Well, when Casa Bonita is about to reopen with its trademark “eatertainment” intact and the promise of actual “good” food on the menu, people can’t resist. Less than two weeks from now, restaurant devotees will hopefully have gotten a taste.

(Via CBS News)