The Casa Bonita Camp-Out Event Is Apparently Growing To Absurd Heights Ahead Of The ‘South Park’ Creators’ Reopening

At this point, I can only imagine the madness that will be the Casa Bonita grand reopening in Lakewood, Colorado.

In May 2023, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will unveil their retooled “eatertainment” venue after nearly two years of nightmare renovations and preparations and, finally, actual “good food” (due to the hiring of Chef Dana “Loca” Rodriguez) that will be more than edible, in addition to those infamous sopapillas.

The pair has been hiring hundreds of employees (including cliff divers, wait staff, bartenders, and so on), and we’ve already heard about the Casa Bonita enthusiast who began gauging interest in how many people might want to camp outside the restaurant to wait for the doors to open, and let’s just say that word has spread. To recap, Jesse Vogel wrote the following on Facebook:

“This is far better than sleeping outside of bestbuy for a TV. This is sleeping outside for a once in a lifetime historic event! Gather outside Casa Bonita to get in line for the opening night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s only 3 months away; and a couple hundred feet from west Colfax… What could go wrong? lol.”

At this point, approximately 12,800 people are “interested” in this event, and fortunately, the Colorado Gazette reports that Vogel did already grease the goodwill wheels of neighboring businesses, although I’m not quite sure that anyone is prepared for opening week. Casa Bonita might actually have to start taking reservations, which is something that was likely unheard of back in the day. Eatertainment + really great food = an unmissable combo.

(Via Jesse Vogel on Facebook)