Casa Bonita’s Shroud Of Secrecy Is Leading To ‘CIA’ Comparisons After Fans Gathered For A (False) Rumored Reopening Date

To say that people are excited about the South Park creators resurrecting Casa Bonita would be a profane understatement. The “eatertainment” venue expects millions of visitors annually, and that does sound realistic. Heck, there’s already a planned camp-out event in the works for fans who are ready for the eventual opening date. And when will that be? Trey Parker and Matt Stone (along with famed chef Dana “Loco” Rodriguez) previously announced that May is the magic month, and yet, no specific date has been offered. And people are getting a little antsy, it seems.

The Denver Post recently relayed that all necessary permits are in place, and there are less than three weeks left in May, so when will the sopapillas flow? The Denver Gazette reports that, in response to a rumor that appears to have begun on social media, eager fans did gather in hopes that the doors would fly open on Cinco de Mayo. Alas, this did not happen, and a worker in a nearby establishment had an apt comparison:

Casa Bonita faithful chased a red herring Friday, and some even turned out to be first-in-line for a rumored opening, but new owners and “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were Cinco de Mayo no-shows.

“It’s all so secretive. It’s like working next door to the CIA,” Terry King said.

King also revealed that he heard about a cell-phone ban among workers ahead of the opening, and even “that security guards had to turn off their body-worn cameras.” And it’s no wonder because, surely, the new owners don’t want secrets posted on Instagram before those cliff divers are fully ready to roll. One of the establishment’s fans, Stefanni Bonicelli, was present at the Cinco de Mayo false start and is quoted as wistfully wishing, “I just hope the food is better this time around.” Well, Parker and Stone did promise to introduce the novelty of “good” food to the Casa Bonita world, so the wait should be worth it.

Still, tick tock, guys.

(Via Denver Gazette & Denver Post)