Casa Bonita Lovers Rejoice, The ‘South Park’ Creators Have Targeted A Reopening Date For Their Restaurant

It’s hard to really put the special brand of nostalgia that people have for Casa Bonita into adequate words. On one hand, this food of childhood outings was pretty darn awful, other than the sopapillas. On the other, the possibility of unlimited sopapillas was great, along with the opportunity to watch cliff divers and eat near a fake volcano and so on. “Entertainment” is truly a brilliant concept.

That’s probably why South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (who showcased the restaurant in a Season 7 episode) decided to resurrect their childhood by purchasing a Denver-area location (after all Casa Bonitas shuttered) and resolving to make it better. In other words, they even promised “good food”! They did the deed under their “The Beautiful Opco, LLC” umbrella and hired Chef Gina Rodriguez, but the project quickly swirled into money-pit territory with Stone telling the Denver Post that the duo poured “all of our money” into bringing everything up to code and fully renovating the joint. This was a “nightmare” scenario, according to the pair, but finally, there’s some powdered sugar at the end of the tunnel.

On Twitter, Casa Bonita officially revealed an opening date: May 2023.

The pair also released a Christmas video with Chef Rodriguez, who introduces herself by her “Loca” nickname.

The pink palace is shaping up, and that fountain is brand new after the old one had to be demolished. Much of the downtime sure went to good use as well. Parker and Stone kept up payroll for the restaurant’s existing employees while asking them to volunteer at organizations including Habitat for Humanity. In addition, employees attended complimentary bilingual classes, which should increase camaraderie come opening time. And it’s coming! Please don’t tell Cartman, though.