Everything Goes Wrong When This Woman Eats Corn On The Cob With A Drill

Summer is approaching, which means that deliciously fresh corn on the cob will be in season very soon. For some reason, corn has always brought out the creativity in people, because simply eating it with your hands is kind of boring. You can buy little prongs to jam into the ends of the corn so that your fingers don’t get all messy, you can also buy a butter dispenser that has a cutout that perfectly lends itself to being rubbed over corn on the cob. But why not take it one step further, right? Why not automate the whole damned process?

That’s exactly what this woman thought of when she had corn attached to a freaking power drill. Yes, a drill, of the powered variety that is meant to bore holes through dense pieces of wood, plastic, concrete and even some metals. What could go wrong, right? Right? Everything can go wrong, that’s what. EVERYTHING. Most of us have ridden bikes before and know the horror of getting a shoelace caught in the pedal. All it takes is one loose lace that gets caught in the pedal and then with each rotation the lace gets more and more tangled up until pain. Pain.

Imagine that, but with hair. This woman was clever to try a drill, but much like a kid on a bike considers themselves to be clever by putting baseball cards in their spokes to make a cool sound but forgets to tie their shoes, this woman considered herself to be pretty funny but forgot about tying her hair back. The end result? A trip to the doctor’s office.

Seriously, kids, don’t play with power tools. Bad stuff can happen, like you ending up with a weird, ugly bald spot right on the top of your noggin. That’s the price that you get for flying too close to the sun.