Watch This Very Polite Alligator Ring A Doorbell To Get Some Snacks

What would you do if an alligator just showed up at your door and just tried to invite himself in to eat all of your Cheetos (and children)? You’d be very upset, right? Because that’s rude. You don’t just walk into someone’s house and start eating people because you want to. We live in a society, and that’s why even the alligator in this video knows that if you want to make friends (and eat children) you’re going to have to ring the doorbell to do it.

We don’t know what’s more terrifying: the fact that alligators are getting to the point that they are climbing out of the water and trying to introduce themselves to their new neighbors, or the reminder that they can actually stand up? Because that’s what the alligator is doing in this video. It’s standing up. Forget anything we’ve ever said about geese being the most horrifying animals on earth. This friendly alligator (which some of you might find very cute) is taking all those prizes.

Don’t want to watch the entire video of this South Carolina terror trying to make friends? Fortunately for all of us, Mashable made a gif. Does the lack of sound make it less frightening or moreso?