Dan Crenshaw Flipped Out On A Child For, Um, Directly Quoting Him And People Are Cooking Him For It

Dan Crenshaw has been trending for most of Tuesday, and not in a good way. In a sign of continued in-fighting inside the Republican Party, the Texas congressman lost his cool during a Tea Party event on Monday night, and the whole thing was caught in video.

In the now viral clip, a young woman, who’s age has been unverified but reports cite her as being between 10-12 years old, asked Crenshaw about a quote he recently gave on a podcast where he named Jesus, Superman, and Rosa Parks as “societal hero archetypes.” However, simply reciting his own words back to him caused Crenshaw to snap at the young woman and accuse her of questioning his faith. Via Houston Chronicle:

After reciting Crenshaw’s words, the woman said: “I can’t wrap my head around this.”

“Well, I’ll help you: Put a period after Jesus and don’t question my faith,” Crenshaw responded as the crowd erupted in a smattering of boos and cheers.

“You guys can ask questions about all of these things and I will answer them,” Crenshaw continued. “But don’t question my faith.”

The woman responded that she wasn’t questioning his faith. “This is what you said,” she said.

A video of the heated exchange quickly went viral on Twitter the next morning, where people couldn’t get over seeing Crenshaw lose his cool after getting heckled by a grade-schooler. He was also booed by the pro-MAGA crowd, who apparently is starting to turn on Crenshaw presumably following his criticism of rising MAGA stars like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, who he’s repeatedly referred to as “grifters.”

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Houston Chronicle)