Dan Crenshaw Started Some Old-Fashioned Republican In-Fighting By Torching ‘Grifters’ Like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, And More

The loudest Republicans in the party right now are the die hard, ride-or-die Trumpists. They’re loud and the things they say are often ridiculous. Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t seem to know cancer isn’t contagious; Matt Gaetz claims catching COVID is safer than a vaccine. But some in the party have dared take public umbrage with them and what they stand for.

That’s what Dan Crenshaw did on Tuesday. As per The Daily Beast, the Navy SEAL-turned-Texas representative was speaking at a campaign event in his home state when he torched those in his party who had angrily accused him of being one of 80 Republican who voted for a “vaccine database,” which he hasn’t. “If it sounds too ridiculous to be true, it’s probably not true,” Crenshaw told the crowd.

But he went further. “There are two types of members of Congress: there is performance artists and there is legislators,” Crenshaw said. “Performance artists are the ones who get all of the attention, the ones you think are more conservative because they know how to say slogans real well. They know how to recite the lines that they know our voters want to hear.”

He claimed the crowd would “probably cringe a bit” to hear who in the party voted most often with former president Donald Trump’s agenda. “Adam Kinzinger voted with Trump almost 99 percent [of the time],” Crenshaw said, referring to the outspoken Trump critic, who is one of only two Republicans on the Jan. 6. House committee.

Who voted with Trump the least among Republicans? “Everyone in the Freedom Caucus,” Crenshaw said, trashing the group comprised of outspoken firebrands like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, and more.

“What you hear so often is not true. It’s not true. We have grifters in our midst,” Crenshaw averred. “Lie after lie after lie, because they know something psychologically about the conservative heart. We’re worried about what people are going to do to us, what people are going to infringe upon us, that’s the nature of conservatism!”

Mind you, Crenshaw is not some old-fashioned, traditionalist conservative. He’s made bizarre videos, in which he beats up libs. And he’s tried, and failed, to thread the needle between denying the “Big Lie” about the 2020 election and not enraging the base that’s bought into it. But at least this is something.

(Via The Daily Beast)