Don Jr.’s Newest Amped-Up, Slurred-Speech Rant Has People Wondering How On Earth He’d Testify About Trump’s Shady Business

Ex-president Donald Trump has been lashing out like a caged rat at the New York Attorney General’s investigation (into the fam’s shady business), all while a lot of focus is turning toward the eldest Trump kids regarding January 6. Much of that attention is going toward Ivanka (regarding with her reported attempts to have her dad call off the MAGA rioters), but guess who’s stealing plenty of focus surrounding both investigations?

That’d be Don Jr., He of the amped-up Fox News appearances and who (not too terribly long ago) delivered a glassy-eyed rant that inspired tons of “Motel 6” jokes. The latter video clip featured him ranting about Hunter Biden’s laptop in a run-down looking room, and overall, Don Jr.’s video clips leave people wondering if he needs an intervention. So let’s just say that Don Jr.’s latest self-posted installment won’t quiet the masses. On Friday night, he took to Facebook with a 4:35 rant entitled, “Biden Can’t Read a Teleprompter!”

This one’s a doozy. In particular, one part of the video’s circulating like wildfire because Don Jr. appears to make a fart joke about how President Biden might “let one rip” if they allow him to… be in the same room with someone? It makes no sense, and then Don Jr. begins to ramble about Russia and China and yikes.

It’s no wonder that a Twitter user remarked how this is the perfect example of “why Trump’s lawyers don’t want Don Jr. testifying before the NY AG.”

And all of the intervention jokes have begun afresh as well.

Between this and fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle’s shout-filled ways, every day must be a real adventure at Don Jr.’s house.