Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Bizarre, Shout-y RNC Speech Has Given Birth To The #GuilfoyleChallenge

The Republican National Convention’s first night of speakers churned out an ear-piercing extravaganza, in large part due to Kimberly Guilfoyle (girlfriend to Donald Trump Jr.) and her six minutes of shouting at the American people. It was a wild night that has led to a slightly terrified Colbert and stirred up trending tags that include #Adderall and #Cocaine (these are also down to Don Jr.’s suspicious-looking eyes during his speech) as well as #ThePurge (due to the gun-toting McCloskey couple from St. Louis). And now, a new challenge has been born.

We’ve got a serious contender here, who invented this thing and ran right of the gate. Deon from New York City (according to his Twitter handle) sets a high bar with his rendition of “the best. is yet. to come!!!!!”

People are loving this taking-it-to-the-streets spin on Guilfoyle’s climactic crescendo.

Masterful. Do we have any challengers? A few, although they’re not human.

Oh, but remember the cocaine-trending thing? This entry might count.

Don Jr. and Kimberly surely are a match made.. somewhere. One can’t help but conjure up cartoon characters while thinking of her theatrics, and SNL‘s Cecily Strong is also now trending, since people believe that she’ll play the role well when the show returns.

Watch Guilfoyle’s speech again here, if you dare.