Trump Is Lashing Out Like A Cornered Rat As The Investigation Into His Shady Business By New York’s Attorney General Heats Up

Donald Trump may be dreaming of taking back the White House in 2024, but the State of New York could have other plans for him. On Tuesday evening, New York Attorney General Letitia James released a statement in which she confirmed that her office, which has been investigating the former president and his allegedly crooked businesses, has already “uncovered significant evidence that suggests Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization falsely and fraudulently valued multiple assets and misrepresented those values to financial institutions for economic benefit.” Now Trump, who has never been one to take responsibility for his actions (see: January 6, 2021), is fighting back.

While Trump’s days of tweeting out insults for days are over following his permanent ban from the social media site one year ago, he attempted to do what in his mind is the next best thing: appear on a right-wing radio show and lob abuses at James and her office from there. As Raw Story reports, the former president was a guest on “The Mark Levin Show” on Wednesday night, where Levin broached James’s statement and asked Trump: “What is it about you, you apparently scare the hell of these people, that they really want to put a stake through your heart?”

Trump, blissfully unaware that he had just been compared to a vampire, had an answer—and it was as nonsensical as it was evasive (as if you’d expect anything less). “There’s never been anything like this,” Trump replied, as usual seeming to imply that everything’s bigger in Trumpland. “They’ve weaponized all of these law enforcement agencies, and we didn’t. It’s a bad thing to do, but we didn’t.”

Because all roads seem to lead back to Hunter Biden, the former president went on to seemingly clarify that by “we didn’t” he had meant that his administration did not go after Joe Biden’s son—even though they did. Viciously. Yet Trump went on:

“We didn’t, you know—they come after my kids, who are great kids, and just, it’s a disgrace, but they’ve weaponized it. And the people who are doing it are the people who campaigned. You look at the attorney general in New York—just take a look at that. This is a woman that went out and campaigned on getting Trump. She got into office by viciously campaigning about Trump. I used to hear about her. I’d say, ‘Who the hell is that?’ And it was horrible what she was saying.

“And then she gets in, and even after she was in, she thought it was so funny, she went on The View a couple of weeks ago—and, you know, very threatening—and horrible that you’re allowed to do that, and you’re not really allowed to do that.”

Whining about what someone is or is not allowed to do in their professional capacity is rich coming from a man who practically turned violating the Constitution into a sport during his brief spell in office. But something tells us that James isn’t going to let a little thing like being called “horrible” by the man whose secrets she’s finally beginning to unravel derail her.

You can watch the full interview (via Rumble) here.

(Via Raw Story)