Donald J. Trump Is Actually Going To Sit Down For A Deposition In The NY State Case Against His Business

What on earth would it look like for Donald Trump to actually been grilled by investigators? The former president has spent his entire life avoiding any kind of punishment for his actions. What’s more, he has, shall we say, issues with telling the truth, unless he accidentally blurts it out. Perhaps the general public may find out what a testifying Trump looks like: As per Mediaite, he and his children Don Jr. and Ivanka have all agreed to sit down for video depositions for New York State Attorney Letitia James’ office.

Since 2019, James and her team have been involved in a civil investigation into the Trump organization’s business practices. Trump hasn’t liked that one bit, and he’s sued to make it stop, without any luck. The investigation has already cost him money: After failing to produce requested materials, including cellphones he claimed he lost, he had to fork over $10,000 a day for weeks until the self-professed rich guy successfully begged them to stop.

For both Don Jr. and Ivanka, testifying is no big deal; they’ve even squealed to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot. But Donald Trump is a whole other kettle of fish. CNN’s Gloria Borger talked to his former attorneys, and she says they “never wanted him to testify because they’re afraid. They’re afraid that he would not be completely truthful by testifying.” As such, she believes his current lawyers should be “a little nervous” about getting their client in any position in which he could perjure himself.

Of course, Donald could just take a tip from his son Eric and plead the Fifth early and often.

(Via Mediaite)