Donald Trump Has Endorsed Matt Gaetz, Who’s Under Investigation For Sex Trafficking

If ever there were two politicians who most definitely deserved each other, it might be Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz. So it should hardly be a surprise that Trump, who has long championed Gaetz and his political aspirations — no matter how poorly the 40-year old Florida congressman has behaved — has officially endorsed the incumbent to retain his political position.

As Forbes reports, Trump made his support of Gaetz officially known on Saturday on the former president’s social media platform, Truth Social. As Brian Bushard wrote:

Trump, who has supported Gaetz in the past, praised the Republican incumbent ahead of Tuesday’s primary as a “champion of our MAGA agenda” who works “tirelessly” to “drain the swamp,” defend the Second Amendment, stand up to the “woke mob,” and “fight the never-ending witch hunts from the radical left.”

This imagined war with the “woke mob” and “radical left” is just one of the many things Trump and Gaetz have in common. Being accused of sexual predation is yet another.

Trump, who just made history by becoming the first president (former or sitting) to have his private home raided by the FBI, has a decades-long history of being accused of sexual misconduct, which range from harassment to rape. In 1989, Trump’s ex-wife Ivana — who he may or may not have buried at his New Jersey golf course, but most definitely attempted to fundraise while announcing her passing — accused The Donald of rape, then later recanted her statement. Gaetz, meanwhile, is currently embroiled in a scandal involving the sex trafficking of a 17-year old.

Mark Lombardo, another Republican who is facing off against Gaetz in tomorrow’s Florida primaries, has made the charges lodged against his opponent a key part of his campaign strategy. As Forbes reports, in a recent ad, Lombardo labeled Gaetz a “liar who doesn’t respect women,” “generates falsehoods” and “promotes conspiracy theories.” He also suggested that it was Gaetz who ratted Trump out to the FBI.

Gaetz’s response? To accuse Lombardo of having financial ties to liberals — which is apparently as unforgivable a sin in MAGA World.

(Via Forbes)