The Guy Running Against Matt Gaetz Ran An Ad Suggesting He’s The Mar-A-Lago Informant

It’s the question currently haunting the GOP: Who is the alleged informant who ratted Donald Trump out to the feds? Last week, the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago, the resort where the former president now lives. Since then, Trump and his Republican cronies have raged and howled at federal agents investigating his potential crimes — and at whoever the rat could be. Some have ideas. Mary Trump thinks it could be son-in-law (and poor memoirist) Jared Kushner, or someone in his orbit. But one GOP candidate think it’s another current Florida resident.

As per Insider, Mark Lombardo, his challenging Matt Gaetz for his House seat, released an ad in which he strongly suggests — albeit without much evidence — that his opponent is the Mar-a-Lago mole.

“When Donald Trump really endorses someone, he goes big,” the ad’s narrator booms. “You’ve seen none of that for lying Matt Gaetz.” It then offers an answer for why he’s not relentlessly throwing his name about. “What does Trump know? Is Gaetz the informant?”

The ad then goes onto air some claims, some of which are debunked. (No, the judge who approved the FBI search never represented Jeffrey Epstein, but Fox News aired it anyway.) It concludes that “Matt Gaetz puts himself first, ahead of Trump and ahead of you.”

Gaetz was not pleased with the ad. “President Trump’s son is campaigning for Congressman Gaetz in Pensacola on Monday. President Trump’s 2020 finance chair just released a video endorsing Gaetz,” a spokesperson for him told Insider. “Mark Lombardo is busy trying to please Resistance Liberals with plays from the Lincoln Project playbook. Congressman Gaetz is fighting for Florida and the Trump agenda.”

Meanwhile, Gaetz is still under investigation for ties to a sex trafficking ring. Florida’s primary day is Aug. 23.

(Via Insider)