Of Course Donald Trump Is Now Bragging About The ‘Crowd Size’ Of His Deadly Jan. 6 MAGA Insurrection

Donald Trump has always been the kind of guy who’s obsessed with size. He’s got big beautiful buildings that are totally phallic-shaped structures, and so on. So, it was completely on brand when the Trump administration began (on Day One) by trotting out Press Secretary #1 Sean Spicer, who huffily gaslit America about the “crowd size” at his inauguration. He was very upset about comparison photos that showed how much larger Obama’s crowd had been, and Spicer supported Trump’s insistence that there was “like a million and half people” on hand. This was very much a Baghdad Bob situation with Spicer talking about how “grass” was really “people,” and yeah. Nuts.

So, it should come as no surprise that Trump is now obsessing about how no one gave him credit for his January 6 “crowd size.” Yes, he’s talking about the deadly MAGA insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. He’s talking about an event that’s currently being investigated by a House Select Committee. Several of Trump’s “best people” (that’d be Steve Bannon and Roger Stone) are now coping with the fallout of their roles in plotting this attack on the U.S. government, and meanwhile, Trump is bragging about size.

Here’s what Trump said to Brexit Mastermind Nigel Farage for GB News (via Raw Story):

“And if you look, it was a massive rally with hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people. I think it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken before… if you would’ve looked at the crowd’s size — nobody wants to talk about that. I believe it was the biggest and most people I ever — and I’ve spoken to very big crowds. I have never spoken in front of a crowd that size — nobody ever talks about that.”

Yes, Trump believes that it’s a travesty for people to focus on his “biggest” crowd, rather than the lives that were taken on that day, along with the other countless other lives that were endangered by his MAGA rioters. When Farage asked (about Trump’s “Stop The Steal” rally at The Ellipse, where Trump instructed his followers to go “fight like hell” or “you’re not going to have a country anymore”) whether it was “a mistake” to hold that rally, Trump responded, “Well, you know, I didn’t have — that was a rally that was there.” Presumably, he meant that his rally wasn’t actually on the U.S. Capitol steps.

Then he went ahead and added this as an aside: “And then, unfortunately, some bad things happened. But also, the other side had some bad things happen.” Yep, he’s back to the “both sides” rhetoric again. And, you know, crowd size.

(Via Raw Story)