Even The ‘Fox And Friends’ Gang Is Clearly Exasperated By Rudy Giuliani’s Deranged Ranting About Hunter Biden

This election cycle somehow feels even more exhausting than 2016 did, and Fox and Friends is feeling it, too. The morning show of President Trump’s favorite channel has been taking an interesting turn lately, too, with Steve Doocy going rogue and pushing back at Trump’s claim that he’d call into the show “every week.” That move rattled co-host Brian Kilmeade, but he also soon followed course by blasting Trump for botching “the biggest layup in American history” when he chose not to condemn white supremacy during the first debate. And on Friday morning, the three hosts — Doocy, Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt — sat almost dead-eyed as Trump surrogate/personal attorney Rudy Giuliani wildly ranted about a Hunter Biden conspiracy that has shown no basis in fact.

You can watch the full clip at Mediaite, and oh boy, what a spectacle. By the end, Steve Doocy couldn’t wait to get the guy off the air. “Mr. Mayor, you brought up a lot of allegations we look forward into looking into them more,” Doocy said while waving Giuliani away, but Rudy did not go quietly into the morning sun.

Rudy has embraced many conspiracies, and Washington Post recently published an illuminating report about U.S. officials sounding the alarm to the White House about Rudy being targeted by Russian intelligence sources who were planting disinformation for him to pass onto Trump. Rudy believes that people care about Hunter Biden and alleged emails — a story that remains entirely unverified regarding some (unproven) Ukraine connection. Yet Rudy will not stop until the Fox News audience believes him. Steve Doocy, though? He’s not feeling it. Hopefully, they don’t ask Rudy to come back on the show because having him as a morning wake-up to viewers isn’t the best look.