Trump Hyped Up His NRA Speech By Saying America Would Be A ‘Dangerous Country’ Without The Second Amendment

Gun-loving Texas governor Greg Abbott canceled his appearance this weekend at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Houston, less than 300 miles from the sight of the school shooting that left 19 kids dead. So did Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas, and performers Don McClean and Lee Greenwood. But “stepmom porn” fanatic Ted Cruz still plans on attending, as does former-president Donald Trump, who clumsily hyped his “interesting” speech during an interview on Friday.

“I’m making a speech tomorrow at the NRA in Huston and it’ll be very interesting,” he told far-right radio host Sebastian Gorka, who served as Deputy Assistant to the President (until he resigned) during Trump’s time in the White House. “And so yeah, interesting time to be making such a speech, frankly.”

“Interesting.” You can always count on Trump to accurately read the room.

After revealing the rest of his weekend plans (he’ll be campaigning against Liz Cheney and not watching The Bob’s Burgers Movie or Top Gun: Maverick, like a normal person), Trump continued, “But on Friday night, I’ll be in Houston. And we’ll be making a speech and discussing a lot of the things which you would agree to, and you know, you have to protect, you have to protect your Second Amendment. You have to give that Second Amendment great protection, because without it, we would be a very dangerous country frankly.” The families who lost their kids this week might disagree with you.

You can listen to Trump’s interview below.