MAGA Insurrectionist Kathy Barnette Thinks The Pennsylvania GOP Primary Is Rigged And Trump Wants Dr. Oz To Declare Victory Even Though He Hasn’t Won

The Pennsylvania Senate Primary is still too close to call but that’s not stopping some MAGA folk from claiming the whole election is rigged.

Currently, celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz and hedge fund manager David McCormick are neck-in-neck for a place on the ballot but another GOP candidate who was leading early in the polls is now claiming that ballot tampering may be to blame for why she’s all but out of the race. Kathy Barnette — a Stop The Steal believer who marched on Capitol Hill in support of Donald Trump’s election fraud claims — gained an impressive amount in the polls during the primary’s final week. Unfortunately for her, Trump decided to back Oz, phoning into the candidate’s rallies and doing robocalls to urge his supporters to vote for the TV personality. That endorsement, coupled with Fox News’s Sean Hannity publicly supporting Oprah’s favorite medical hack, likely helped Oz pull ahead in the polls but because MAGA truthers seem unable to accept the idea that their political candidate can actually lose, now Barnette’s supporters are claiming the Senate Primary race has been rigged.

After being ahead by more than 8 points earlier in the week, Barnette’s crowd is, ironically, claiming that the election has been rigged in favor of a Trump-endorsed candidate. Obviously, there’s no evidence to back this claim, but that hasn’t stopped people on Twitter from already sowing doubt about the results before the race has even been called.

In other news, Trump is now urging Oz to declare himself the winner of the Primary election in order to … get this, avoid claims of election fraud.

So it looks like whoever actually does come out on top will most definitely be fielding claims of a rigged vote and a fake victory which seems like the best form of karma for a bunch of conservative trashbags who marched with Proud Boys and supported insurrectionists and tried to destroy our trust in the democratic process. You reap what you sow and all that.

(Via RawStory)