Sean Hannity Spent His Entire Show Freaking Out About Dr. Oz’s Suddenly Surging Rival, An ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Named Kathy Barnette

Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks that Dr. Oz (thanks to a decade-old tweet) is languishing in Switzerland mere days before the May 17 GOP Senate primary in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz hasn’t corrected her, and that probably has nothing to do with Greene herself. Rather, Dr. Oz is very distracted right about now. And that’s to be expected, given that he’s poured approximately $12.4 million into his own campaign (and received the MAGA-coveted endorsement from Trump, who’s also not happy about this), and then a whippersnapper has come in with a mere $127,000 or so spent and has almost the same polling as he does.

Yup, Kathy Barnette is shaking up the MAGA establishment by being labeled as “Ultra-MAGA” (by Drudge Report and Politico) and possibly pulling off an upset. According to the caption in the below Getty photo, the Trafalgar Group poll numbers reveal that (this week), she’s surged to 23.2% against Oz’s 24.5%.

Kathy Barnette
Getty Image

It’s safe to say that, with mere days to go before voters do their thing, Sean Hannity is losing his mind over Barnette’s “rise.” On Thursday night, he spent his entire Thursday night episode trashing her. Granted, her positions (as detailed the Daily Beast and CNN) are incredibly unsavory. She’s expressed anti-Muslim and anti-gay views, and Hannity is doing a lot of last-minute panicking over how this looks. He’s upset that she hasn’t been “vetted,” and the “talk show host” cannot believe this surge has happened.

One has to wonder whether Hannity (or any of his guests) would be pointing out Barnette’s incendiary views if she was, say, a white male. But we may never know the answer to that question, correct? May 18 is right around the corner.