A ‘Fox And Friends’ Segment Didn’t Go As Planned For Steve Doocy After He Tried To Prove No One Wants To Work

Unemployment rates are nearing historic lows (although inflation makes everything relative in terms of earnings), but the Fox and Friends gang loves to continue their script of maintaining that no one will get off their butts. That was their point last fall while claiming that “nobody wants to work anymore” (therefore, Christmas is ruined), and they’ve been utterly aghast that traditionally low-wage workers (including teenagers) are simply making far too much money for the co-hosts’ tastes.

Well, Steve Doocy went into a jobs segment with that agenda, which got wiped out by Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol in only a few sentences. Doocy’s aim, of course was to prove that chip-making robots are being pushed into service because labor costs too much, and of course, (allegedly) no one wants to do the work. Niccol, however, pushed back and said that robots are simply cheaper and easier to use for this one task.

The camera conveniently cut away from Doocy whenever Niccol started to contradict the co-host, and of course, this is all a very silly thing to focus on when there are so many other ills in this world. Yet it’s still quite something to see this false claim (of workers being so lazy and so overpaid that robots must step in) continued on Fox News despite commonsensical contradictions.