Steve Doocy Returned From His Omicron Bout To Spar With An Irate Brian Kilmeade Who Was Going Off On Boosters

Back in May 2021, all three Fox and Friends co-hosts made sure to point out that they got the Covid vaccine. This appeared to be a counterpoint to Tucker Carlson’s perpetual vaccine skepticism, and all three members of the Fox and Friends gang seemed pleased to be spreading science rather than propaganda. Steve Doocy was fully onboard, Ainsley Earhardt described the shot as “freedom,” and even Brian Kilmeade seemed to be cool with it. However, the latter’s tune has abruptly changed over the past several months.

Kilmeade soon began to go on regular rants over Covid mandates and masks and vaccines while Doocy kept urging viewers to get the shot. Long story short, Omicron arrived, and Doocy’s entire family caught it over the holiday season. And Doocy now believes (in alignment with the CDC and reputable scientists everywhere) that being vaccinated and boosted is what kept his family from falling prey to severe illness. As Doocy revealed, “A lot of people trade gifts. We traded Omicron. It pretty much went through our whole family.”

From there, Kilmeade decided to welcome Doocy back by ranting about how he doesn’t believe in the boosters. “I don’t want to be a pincushion and show horse … I’m losing a lot of faith in ‘go get another shot,” he ranted in the below clip, to which Doocy responded, “I trust the doctors, I trust the science.”

Here’s another thing: Steve, his wife (Kathy), and his son (Peter, the Fox News White House correspondent) all contracted Omicron. Meanwhile, Steve’s daughters (Sally and Mary) caught Delta. Steve went on (via Mediaite) to explain why immunocompromised Kathy may have seen her life saved by the vaccine:

“Kathy’s doctor said that given her situation, if she got Covid, she would die. It just was like, if you get it, you’re going to die. And so we did everything we could to isolate her before the vaccine came out, and as soon as she could get the vaccine and she got it. I’m of the opinion that if the scientific data supports it, people should get it — with the exception of people who cannot tolerate vaccines and stuff like that — get it because it can save your life. It can save the life of somebody in your family. Ultimately, there are a lot of people who, for a variety of reasons, are not getting the vaccine. But unfortunately, right now, there are a lot of unvaccinated people who are infecting other unvaccinated people and ultimately people are going to get sick and in the worst-case scenario, they will die. I base it on just the practical application of, we all got vaccines to go to school. That was the price of admission to go to school. You had to get chickenpox, MMR, all that stuff, tetanus. If that’s what you need these days to get through life, get the shot. And so I said that. And I know people said, ‘Hey Steve Doocy said he’d get the shot.’ Sean Hannity said he was the pro-vaccine as well. It goes back to my core, and that is, trying to be an explainer.”

Kilmeade stood firm in his stance, much like he can’t quit that awkward Christopher Columbus obsession of his.

The bottom line is this: Steve Doocy and his family have all recovered from Covid without too much incident, and that’s largely down to having their immune systems primed through vaccination.

(Via Mediaite)