The ‘Fox & Friends’ Gang Is Already Complaining That Christmas Is Ruined Because ‘Nobody Wants To Work Anymore’

It’s not even four days into October, but already the hosts of Fox & Friends are convinced that Christmas is ruined, and naturally, they’re trotting out the tired conservative talking point that it’s because “nobody wants to work anymore.”

The situation unfolded on Monday morning as the hosts started to tackle the real issue of the pandemic causing a massive global supply chain disruption that could very easily make this year’s holiday shopping a tad more unpredictable. However, that issue is, again, worldwide, and not tied to the enhanced unemployment offered to Americans who were out of work or lost hours. A benefit that ended in September, by the way.

While complaining about the potential of Christmas being ruined by people who “don’t want to work,” Steve Doocy actually starts to set the record straight that the supply chain issues are a global problem, but Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhart swing the conversation back to everyone “getting things for free” from the government. Doocy, who has been a voice of reason lately, didn’t even put up a fight, and quickly joined in on griping about products missing on store shelves. Specifically, “pods,” apparently for a Keurig machine, and now, they might have to switch coffees during this national travesty. (That was sarcasm. You can still get coffee everywhere.)

You can watch the Fox & Friends hosts freak out about Christmas below:

(Via Bobby Lewis on Twitter)