A Fox News Correspondent Split His Pants After Getting ‘Too Low’ While Dancing Onstage With Flo Rida

Florida might be a swing state, but the rapper Flo Rida (whose song, “My House,” was in heavy rotation at Marco Rubio‘s 2016 primary rallies) sure caused some swinging that didn’t end well for the pants of a certain Fox News on-air personality. That wasn’t host Steve Doocy, who handled the below situation just fine. This turned out to be a Fox and Friends dance-fest with Flo Rida, and a bunch of conservative TV personalities getting “Low” onstage might be too much.

Below (after the 15-second mark), you can see correspondent Todd Piro onstage and actually read his lips the moment after he realizes his pants were history.

At least he’s having a really good time! To Piro’s credit, he showed off his pants’ battle scars onstage, and then he took to Instagram: “I ripped my pants when I got too low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.” Mediaite fills in the blanks about how (in the moment) Piro gamely acknowledged the split as well while announcing to the live audience, “I got too low with Flo Rida.”

Naturally, Steve Doocy kept things together just fine while participating in similarly aerobic movies while onstage. Sometimes, morning TV can be truly strange. Also: Your move, Brian Kilmeade.