George Santos Will Be Able To Spend So Much Money On OnlyFans After Raking It In With Cursed Cameo Videos

After finally being expelled from Congress following damaging reports that alleged he defrauded at least one member of his own party as well as countless campaign contributors (and spent campaign cash on OnlyFans), George Santos has quickly pivoted to a new career: Making Cameo videos.

The opportunity to pay Santos to say anything to anyone in a video message has been too hilarious to ignore. Democratic Senator John Fetterman has already used Santos to troll embattled colleague Bob Menendez, and it’s probably a good thing Fetterman acted fast because the demand for Santos is through the roof.

According to Semafor, Santos is already making more than his $174,000 Congressional salary from the platform:

In fact, Santos said — and screenshots and the CEO of Cameo confirmed — that he has lined up more than that sum in his first 48 hours on the platform. People pay between $200 and $300 to Santos for various flavors of communication. The videos can take less than a minute to film, and the platform has brought millions of dollars to the occasional campy, game, minor celebrity like the late comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

Santos “is going to be an absolute whale,” Cameo’s founder and CEO, Steven Galanis, told Semafor. His launch, Galanis said, is among the platform’s best ever: “Sarah Jessica Parker, Bon Jovi — he’s putting numbers up like that,” he said.

Has this new source of viral fame and fortune gone to Santos’ head? You bet. The disgraced former congressman is already making declarations of immortality while vowing to crush his enemies.

“Obviously there’s a monetary benefit — I’m not here doing it for charity,” Santos told Semafor. “But the other aspect is to remind these assholes who think they’re holier-than-thou that they will be forgotten in history and I will live forever, period.”

(Via Semafor)