Before He Does ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Or Whatever, Newly Expelled George Santos Has Found A New Gig: Cameo Star

F. Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American life, but what did he know? After all, George Santos is probably going to get one. Last week, after a full year of creatively damning revelations about his sketchy past, the New York representative was expelled from Congress. Now what? Surely he’ll wind up on Dancing with the Stars or Bravo. But for now, he’s trying out a new gig: Cameo star.

Per Newsweek, Santos recently set up a page at the video-sharing service, which allows celebrities to make some extra bucks recording greetings for pay. On Monday morning he was charging $75 a pop. Later that day he’d jacked up the price to $200.

In his bio, Santos describes himself as a “former congressional ‘Icon’! (painted nails emoji)” as well as “the Expelled member of Congress from New York City.”

According to Mediaite, Santos’ first Cameo video was made for Megan Hunt, a Democratic senator from Nebraska. She said her friends requested it as a joke, but he delivered.

“Megan, how are you, darling?” Santos said in the video. He then seemed to allude to some problems she had with a conservative group earlier this year. “I hear that you’re getting some tough heat in the press and that life might be a little rocky now. Let me tell you something: If you believe in what you stand for, and if you fight for what you do, and you stand by those convictions, screw the haters.”

Santos also talked directly about his own woes:

“Look, they can boot me out of Congress, but they can’t take away my good humor or my larger than life personality, nor my good faith and the absolute pride I have for everything I’ve done. So this is about you, Megan! Be yourself unapologetically! Just love yourself, just make sure that you don’t buy into the hate, and stand your ground and don’t let them force you out, don’t let them bully you. You do you, girl! I’m cheering for you.”

Newsweek reports that he’d made over 100 videos available, though as of Monday evening, his page was listed as “temporarily unavailable.” But surely he’ll be back. Till then, we can all await the George Santos movie.

(Via Newsweek and Mediaite)